The Tale So Far...

Songs for the RV Crowd!

There is something special about hitting the road and taking your home with you.  As baby boomers get older, more are hitting the road in RVs - recreational vehicles.  Surveys show that aging baby boomers are looking for new experiences and people who share their values of experiencing life and nature. ...
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O’Luney Tunes

Former Kingston Trio member Bob Haworth has another gig as the King of Fun.  By Marty Jones Denver Westword original link As he prepares to perform at Thornton Fest, an annual event in the metro-area suburb, Denver's Bob Haworth, clad in patriotic garb that includes a stars-and-stripes stovepipe hat and red, white and blue...
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Hello World!

Welcome to WordPress! This is your first post. Edit or delete it to take the first step in your blogging journey.
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