Signed Copy of Tales from the Road: The Life of an Itinerant Folk Musician As Lived By Bob Haworth


Many amateur and semi-professional musicians dream of going on the road as a member of a popular band or singing group. Even on a professional level, few have the opportunity to experience that first-hand, and yet the lure and curiosity about such a life lingers. Bob Haworth was fortunate to have recorded and performed world-wide as a member of two of the most successful singing groups in the folk music genre—and this book tells his story.


 “Tales From The Road” has just been released.  This is a cautionary tale for anyone who fantasizes about going on the road with a major entertainment act.  Yeah, I did that – 15 years with The Brothers Four and another 20 years with The Kingston Trio.  This book is filled with stories about my adventures with those groups, as well as an account of my early years, including my pre-adulthood here in the Rogue Valley. This book came about in response to requests from many folk music fans who longed for a glimpse behind the curtain.  What was life like on the road?  What did it take to survive the daily grind of travel and performing?  What was it like to share the stage with other top-of-the-charts acts?  And what went on back stage?  So many questions often asked, so I had to compile all my tales into a hopefully enlightening and entertaining account of life on the road.  Hope you grab a Signed Copy Here and enjoy reading it!

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