Songs for the RV Crowd!

There is something special about hitting the road and taking your home with you.  As baby boomers get older, more are hitting the road in RVs – recreational vehicles.  Surveys show that aging baby boomers are looking for new experiences and people who share their values of experiencing life and nature.  Many RV enthusiasts with common values are forming groups, such as Sisters On The Fly – a group of women from around the USA who proudly proclaim “We have more fun than anyone!”.

In keeping with the spirit of adventure seeking baby boomers who are “on the road again”, Bob Haworth has begun a new RV project.  His first song in the RV project is customized for the group Sisters On The Fly

Sample audio clip of the Song “Sisters On The Fly”
Bob Haworth The Banjo King

Find more of Bob’s great songs, either as downloads or for some of his greatest hits, including his years with the Kingston Trio as CDs he can mail to you.  If you are so inclined Download SISTERS ON THE FLY! with a portion of the proceeds from each download going to fund neurological research seeking a cure for Parkinson’s, ALS, Alzheimer’s and other related diseases.

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